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Ce document traite des différentes organisations connues pour utiliser des artefacts paranormaux, de même que leur objectifs et leurs méthodes d'opération.

Politique des canons

Système d'Identification de Menace

Niveau de Menace Description
M-01 Un groupe qui sait pour le monde de l'anormal ou qui est en possession d'objets anormales représentant une menace directe et immédiate pour L'Autorité et l'humanité dans son ensemble.
M-02 Un groupe avec la capacité de causer des bouleversements majeurs à la société et qui peut avoir connaissance de l'existence de L'Autorité.
M-03 Un groupe en possession d'objets anormales et de connaissances sur le monde de l'anormal. Ces groupes n'ont pas connaissances de l'existence de L'Autorité et et ont la capacité de pouvoir causer des bouleversements mineures pour le monde normal.
A-03 Un groupe n'étant pas coopératif avec L'Autorité mais ne posant pas de menace directe.
A-02 Un groupe amical envers l'Autorité et ses actions.
A-01 Un groupe qui supporte continuellement les actions de L'Autorité.

Comité Populaire pour l'Acquisition d'Objets Anormaux (Chine): A-03


Vue d'ensemble : The People’s Republic of China, since Chairman Mao founded it in the mid 20th century, has strived in all ways to be on par with the West and other major powers. To this end the People's Republic has begun investigating and “acquiring” objects with anomalous properties to expand their knowledge and military power as well as technological capabilities. While they may seek increased power for the PRC they also do not wish to upset the status quo they operate in nor cause the apocalypse, therefore they have been known to cooperate with the Authority when required for the wellbeing of China and the continuation of Mao’s vision. Although they may not have the experience of the cabal of former GRU personnel nor the influence of the CIA, they are backed by an economic power house and have access to substantial material resources in their activities as well as manpower and a steady supply of test subjects from political internment camps.

Anomalie 197 - Main-d'oeuvre Manufacturée

Church of Malthus: T-01


Overview: Although the world has experienced human progress unseen in millennia and the vast majority of humanity lives longer and better lives than ever before, some see this as a failing of modern life rather than an improvement. Some even believe that in these trying times it will be the responsibility of humanity to self-correct and evolve further. Church of Malthus is such a society of biologists and radicals from many scientific fields united under the idea that if it is to continue and thrive humanity requires that it be forced upon them; whether it be catastrophic events, forceful mutation of the human body, or other inhumane acts. To seek the evolution of the human race. They have worked tirelessly to acquire RPCs and engineer events to eliminate vast amounts of the population in order to accomplish their objectives. The RPC Authority considers this organization a huge threat to its business, objectives, and humanity as a whole. As such, the Authority has deemed it necessary that any personnel be captured or shot on sight.

RPC-130 - Abortion TV
RPC-134 - That Time Charles Darwin Turned Into A Tortoise
RPC-161 - Shadow Dragon
RPC-183 - The Cosmetic Surgeon
RPC-228 - Malvyn the Pumpkin
RPC-330 - Memory Man
RPC-990 - Legion

Amazing! Co.: T-02


Overview: Similar to many bootleg companies based out of developing nations, Amazing! Co. is a company that produces miscellaneous off-brand commercial products ranging from food items, to musical instruments, to children’s toys. These items invariably possess anomalous properties and, more often than not, pose a threat to both the user and those around them. The packaging of Amazing! Co. products often resemble well-known brands, even to the extent of copying mascots and slogans. The only consistent marker of their products is the Amazing! Co. logo, which has been confirmed to be a memetic agent with the effect of enticing those who look at it to purchase the associated product despite their better judgement. The country of origin for Amazing! Co. cannot be presently determined. Manufactories suspected of being connected to the group have been discovered on every continent (with the obvious exception of Antarctica). Information shared from multiple governments has suggested that Amazing! Co. ships products to every nation in the native language of the region, and that there are obvious spelling and grammar errors in all versions of the products, no matter the language. To date, no person knowingly under the employ of Amazing! Co. has been apprehended and no person found to be selling one of their products can recall ever stocking them or meeting a representative of the company.

Acquired RPC's:
RPC-050 - Some Color in Your Life
RPC-138 - Distracted Dairy
RPC-169 - Ultimate Male Enhancement
RPC-181 - Soup Extender
RPC-277 - Amazing! Co. Shampoo Prototype
RPC-451 - Amazing!… Co. "Chewy" Bars
RPC-909 - Soda!
RPC-Moth-J - "MOTH-erfuckers Be Gone!"

Global Enterprise for Advanced Research: T-02


Overview:GEAR is a company known to the public for their high quality anomalous goods. The CEOs of GEAR live in secrecy and pure luxury, but they are not fools. The CEOs know how to get what they want with every decision they make, ally they form, and trade they negotiate.

Acquired Documents:
A-005 - The Box from Site-77
A-013 - Golden Showers
A-017 - John Plexett
A-054 - Doorway to Nowhere
A-056 - Paranoia Blacklight

The Children of Nihil: T-02


Overview: The Children of Nihil is a GoI that reveres the cleansing nature of floods and believes that through metamorphic trials and natural disasters, they may forge a desired utopia; purged from the decadence and corruption of humanity. The religious organization specializes in discovering keen insights into paranormal narratives based on flood mythology. However, the latter has not kept the cult from pursuing other latent and obscure faiths with paranormal properties. They function as a conquering religion; they will often recruit cults either through force-conversion or diplomatic envoys.

All adherents share two fundamental tenants. One is that Nihil serves as a spiritual state of transcendence and a deity, governing the concepts of obliteration and nothingness. The other is that adherents are merely vessels and that through continual service to Nihl and asceticism, they may ascend to become one with their venerable God. They believe that once all sects are united under their banner, they may finally resurrect the Dead Sun, an aspect of Nihil, from the depths. Who will guide them to commit the last apocryphal flood. As such sects of the Children of Nihil are numerous. They may even quarrel during religious schisms or over contrasting dogmas, instead of cooperating with their brethren.

Acquired Documents:
A Sunset's Saudade

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