Bureau de l'Agent Lyrthill
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Objet # : SCP-001

Classe : Euclide

Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : SCP-001 doit être confiné dans une installation de contention modifiée à l'occasion pour paraître similaire à d'autres Sites de la Fondation. La principale différence entre les autres Sites et cette installation est qu'elle doit être équipée de meubles pour l'entièreté du Haut Conseil afin de déguiser la nature du confinement de SCP-001. De plus, toutes les pièces1 in the facility are to be equipped with security cameras. It is also to be equipped with three failsafe nuclear warheads which shall be detonated should SCP-001 breach containment. This site is to be named Site-01.

One member of the O5 Council is to partake in a regimen involving mnestic drugs. The individual undergoing the regimen (henceforth referred to as the Archivist) is to maintain a journal of all information gathered about SCP-001, as well as any events of note involving SCP-001. At the end of an individual's tenure as Archivist, they are to convene a special O5 meeting to assess the state of SCP-001's containment, and update this file. Tenures will last at most four months at a time, however, an Archivist may resign sooner should the mnestic regimen's side-effects grow too intense.

As of this writing, the only O5 members with proper tolerance to mnestic drugs to take on the role of the Archivist are O5-1, O5-8 and O5-12.

No member of the O5 Council (including SCP-001) is permitted to leave Site-01 without an approved accompaniment from MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Access to this document is to be restricted to non-anomalous members of the O5 Council, and safeguarded with a memetic kill agent.

Description: SCP-001 is the entity known as O5-13. The exact nature of SCP-001 is not yet known. How SCP-001 came to be in the position of O5-13 is still under investigation. Due to the current lack of understanding of SCP-001, it has been deemed necessary to keep SCP-001 unaware of its containment.

SCP-001 is known to take on the appearance of a 1.9m tall male human of Latin American descent. Whether or not this is SCP-001's true form or a disguise is still under investigation.

SCP-001 was classified as anomalous following the Caesar Incident. While details of the Caesar Incident are under investigation by the O5 Council, the following events are understood to be the result of the Caesar Incident:

  • The death of all previous O5 Council members, except for O5-13.
  • The destruction of the previous Site-01.
  • The loss of all documentation regarding SCP-001 prior to the Caesar Incident, had such documentation existed.

It is also understood that SCP-001 caused the Caesar Incident through manifestation of its anomalous properties. Due to the lack of information about the Caesar event, it is currently believed that one of these properties is antimemetic in nature, although this has not yet been confirmed.

As of this writing, the investigation of SCP-001 has been delegated as follows:

Assigned Members Task
O5-1, O5-8, O5-12 Amalgamation of investigation results
O5-4, O5-7, O5-10 Identification of SCP-001's origin
O5-2, O5-6, O5-9 Investigation of the Caesar Incident
O5-3, O5-5, O5-11 Identification of SCP-001's anomalous properties

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La vie sans un nom Life without a name
Peut-être devrais-tu être son ami Perhaps you should be its friend
La vie retourne à la mort Life returns to death

Flottant sur un lac in a lake
Les monstres nous rejoignent dans la brume Monsters come in from the fog
Ainsi, nous flottons en paix So it floats in peace

Noir Blanc Jaune Rouge Black White Yellow Red
Le Roi Pendu au-dessus de tout ça The Hanged King above it all
Noir Blanc Jaune Rouge Black White Yellow Red

La haine scellée dans l'acide Hate sealed in acid
Tuons-la aussi vite que l'on peut Kill it as soon as we can
Nous sommes répugnants We are disgusting

Toutes choses sont malpropres All things are unclean
L'eau pure est emportée au lavage Pure water washes away
Le monde que nous connaissons The world that we know

Visions de cinq côtés Visions of five sides,
Coven of mushroom eaters.
Can you trust your past?

Weapon of Vishnu
Chimpanzee in a trench coat
Gift from Lord Shiva

The room smells like shit
A neck snaps where no-one sees
Rain at Site-19

When a toilet says
Believe me, I've seen some shit
You should lock it up

Keep it a legend.
The burned one soars overhead.
What's your sacrifice?

Portrait of a man
We all die cold and alone
Forever in paint

A cold and grey death
Don't look too long or we'll see
A portrait of you

A city in song
The one that never belonged
We can help her heal

I'll speak not of it
Some forest; names are not safe
This is just karma

In the storm, she digs
Mother's love lasts forever
Now, then, we can rest

Lavender and death.
Does this doctor know what's best?
Were you ever well?

Friends from childhood
It's a small world after all
Careful what you read

A world of green dreams
You can expect a fair deal
Come back anytime

Two halves of the same
Look at all the friends I've made
Purpose forsaken

The primeval king
strikes a bargain for mankind
'till the black moon howls.

The first of many
Florida saves all the Earth
While he walks through walls

He played Elrond, right?
Why is he playing Kane's sled?
I want a refund!

To create greatness,
An artist must suffer well.
Gladly I endure.

This here is horse shit
And I can't stop eating it
Happy notdeath day

Once in a blue moon,
The world is in agreement.
The blue moon screeches

All life becomes death.
Green flourishes a farewell,
And then it doesn't.

I don't remember
what I was writing about
so I guess I'll stop

I'll do this later

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