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Objet #: SCP-3749

Classe : Sûr

Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : SCP-3749-A est conservé dans une boîte hermétiquement scellée doublée d'un gel absorbant les chocs. La boîte est dans un coffre sous vide équipé d'un sas. Un électroaimant sous le sol est gardé en état de marche constamment. Une visite faite au coffre contenant SCP-3749-A nécessite une protection Entry to SCP-3749-A's vault requires BSL-5 biohazard protection and sterilization before approaching.

The remains of SCP-3749-B through -D are kept in similar vaults.

Description: SCP-3749-A is a decorative stainless steel sword that autonomously attacks all life.

As bacteria and microorganisms qualify as life for SCP-3749-A's effect, SCP-3749-A is constantly in high-speed motion as long as they are present. Analysis suggests SCP-3749-A bisects each bacterium individually, moving at speeds of up to Mach 4.

SCP-3749-A is 75 cm long, with an iridescent purple finish and multiple superfluous edges and points that make it unfeasible as a weapon. SCP-3749-A's edges are extremely sharp; electron microscopy shows them to be only a few atoms thick. SCP-3749-A is anomalously damage-resistant, and its edges have not measurably dulled.

SCP-3749-A was discovered in an empty house previously owned by one Humphrey Bingham (POI-11928), an unemployed, misanthropic 43-year-old obsessed with the occult, eschatology, and the Book of Revelation. He appears to have created SCP-3749 by performing an arcane ritual with his collection of novelty weapons.

The shortlived SCP-3749-B through -D, other novelty swords owned by Bingham, were also animated by this ritual. However, SCP-3749-A likely destroyed them, their products, and Bingham himself. SCP-3749-B, -C, and -D were found covered in powdered human bone and biological residue matching bubonic plague (Yersinia pestis) and desert locust shells (Schistocerca gregaria).

After some difficulty, SCP-3749-A was brought to the nearest Site and introduced to an airlocked vacuum chamber. An electromagnet and case were prepared while SCP-3749-A was allowed to destroy the few microbes present in the room. When personnel equipped with BSL-5 suits prepared to enter the cell, SCP-3749-A was lying in the center of the room, sluggishly moving. Closer inspection showed it bending and attempting to cut itself before snapping back in place. SCP-3749-A was then safely placed into the case with the assistance of the electromagnet.

In light of this, controlled use of SCP-3749-A to assist in containing outbreaks of Keter-class biological hazards is currently under consideration.

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