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Événement # : EE-00059

En raison de sa nature, désigner l'EE-00059 comme un SCP à part entière est inutile. Connaître l'existence de l'EE-00059 est largement considéré comme non anormal et, par conséquent, ne nécessite pas de mesures de confinement au point actuel. Chaque transmission ou activité survenant aux alentours de l'EE-00059 doit être signalée et, si possible, aussitôt expurgée de toute connaissance publique.

Description de l'Événement : L'événement extra-normal 00059 a été observé le 4 janvier 2006 dans une région de l'espace située à environ 1,6 millions d'années lumières de la Terre1. L'événement a été détecté sur un intervalle de trois heures via le système satellite du Réseau de l'Espace Lointain de la NASA.

Les EE-00059-1 sont des séries de transmissions basse fréquence qui ont été émises depuis la localisation de l'EE-00059 à son apparition. Compte tenue de la portée et de la vitesse de ces ondes radio, il est probable que du matériel de diffusion anormal ait été utilisé pour transmettre les messages captés lors de l'événement (Voir Journal d'Enregistrements de l'EE-00059 pour plus d'informations).

L'EE-00059-2 est un trou de ver naissant de Classe-E "Inactivation Momentanée de la Logique" (S-CSMWACU2-T)2. L'EE-00059-2 a pu être observé pendant approximativement 102 secondes lors de la transmission EE-00059-1-3. Cet événement exposa les propriétés de deux types de phénomènes : les trous de ver et les trous blancs, et émit de la matière ainsi que de la lumière EE-00059-2 was observed for approximately 102 seconds during transmission EE-00059-1-3, exhibiting properties of both wormholes and white holes, emitting matter and light but otherwise resisting the flow of materials that would occur naturally on Earth. This caused the anomaly to be several orders of magnitude more visible than it would be otherwise. Upon closer observation, EE-00059-2 appeared to display no apparent effect on the gravity surrounding its location. This is more consistent with Ellis Wormholes, which are fully-transferable points between non-flat three dimensional regions of spacetime.
This paradoxical behavior implies that EE-00059-2 was created in a manner not possible within our own reality and the region warrants further Foundation investigation.

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On May 18th, 2027, the Foundation proposed the construction of the Altruist-9 deep space probe in order to observe the status of the location of EE-00059, which was approved by a majority vote of the O5 council.

In order to reach the location within a reasonable amount of time, the Altruist-9 was constructed with a faster-than-light (FTL) drive and high efficiency solar sails. However, due to the sensitivity and unpredictability of the exotic matter inside the probe, its FTL drive will not be used at full capacity. Thus, the Altruist-9 is scheduled to complete its journey in the year ████.
In the event of the reemergence of EE-00059-2, the Altruist-9's inner core, containing a small solar-powered drone and atmospheric measuring equipment, is kept encased in an exotic polypeptide oligomer weave derived from the wreckage of [REDACTED, SEE BELOW]. This matter is suspected to survive traversal through EE-00059-2. The Alruist-9 was launched on Jan 8th, 2038.

On February 26th, ████, the date of the Altruist-9's arrival into EE-00059's location, initial readings were recorded and proven to be non-anomalous. However, shortly afterward, activity from the region was detected. EE-00059-2 appeared to reopen, adjacent to the probe, which was piloted inside. The anomaly then closed after 102 seconds.
Due to the atypical and intense nature of white holes, the Altruist-9 is likely to not be recovered from contact with EE-00059-2. However, functional capabilities of the probe's inner core are assumed to have survived traversal and continues to make observations on EE-00059-2's opposite side until contact is reestablished on an unspecified date.

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Item #: SCP-001
Object Class: Netzach
Special Containment Procedures: N/A
Description: SCP-001 is the designation for the planetary body known as Earth. Given that SCP-001 has existed for the entirety of the human race, the anomalous improbability of Earth's nature as compared to all other planets in the observable universe investigated by the Foundation Deep Space Program is widely regarded as "normal" by the public eye.
SCP-001-E1 is the designation for the wreckage of a spacecraft recovered during an archeological expedition in the Atacama Desert in the Antofagasta Region of Chile in 1956, which appeared to have been converted into makeshift living space. The remains of the ship were comprised of a highly durable exotic alloy of unknown composition and dating of the material yields inconsistent results. Despite this, recovered materials suggest the vessel was several million years old.
Remnants of effects such as clothing, electronics and furniture have been recovered as well, all possessing anomalous materials that resisted normal wear to varying degrees. The full size of the vessel is unknown but is considered to be large enough to contain a moderate population of humans, the remains of which decomposed naturally, aside from POI-001, who was recovered from within SCP-001-E2.
SCP-001-E2 is a set of 32 36 highly advanced cryogenic stasis pods that were discovered among the wreckage in a partially powered 'hibernation' mode when SCP-001-E2 was excavated. Of all the pods discovered, only one was still functional and contained [REDACTED PER REQUEST OF THE ADMINISTRATOR], whose tenets would go on to establish the Foundation's presence on Earth.


Wreckage being transported off the west coast of Chile, c. 1957.


Note the lack of wear.

Among the rubble were several data storage devices that were completely destroyed, thus the only recoverable piece of information is a 1cm x 1cm fragment of a disk of anomalous makeup. The material was found to be a highly compressed form of multilayered information medium, presented as a set of thin layers of vertically stacked sets of data. The documents recovered from the interpreted data can be found below, translated from their original language, which was a set of Class I cognitohazardous glyphs that caused 100% comprehension of the material despite previously known languages and reading level. Analysis of the language is ongoing.

Auteur : TheBillith ne correspond à aucun identifiant existant
Titre original : Billith's Proposal
Source originale : The SCP Foundation
Date : 20/02/2018
Lien :

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Bonjour à tous. Servez-vous, il y a du café et des bagels.

Pour ceux et celles qui ne me connaissent pas encore, je suis le colonel Neil Hornby, un officier supérieur des services de renseignements de la Fondation. Aujourd'hui c'est à mon tour de vous présenter l'Insurrection du Chaos. En face de vous se situe un dossier, à l'intérieur vous trouverez une clause de confidentialité. Le briefing dont je vais vous faire part est classifié comme "information sensible et confidentielle" alors si vous restez, vous signez. Sinon n'oubliez pas de prendre un bagel en sortant.

Certes les blouseux.

Je sais que vous avez signé une clause de confidentialité en rejoignant les rangs de la Fondation et que vous continuez à en signer à chaque promotion. Vous devez sûrement être des Niv Trois, n'est ce pas ? Vous devez être les nouveaux cerveaux de la Fondation. Je sais également que vous êtes accoutumés au système de sécurité établie par les accréditations de Niv Zero à Cinq. The eggheads (no offense, my dad was an egghead, so I don't have anything against you sciencey types) came up with that. It works well enough if you're handling Ess See Pees. Foundation Intelligence works a little differently. We still use that, kinda the way the US has confidential/secret/top secret, but that doesn't mean El Fives can read whatever they feel like getting their grubby paws on. We operate on "Need to Know." While you over in R&D and the guys in containment and acquisitions get killed if you don't have information widely shared, in our side of the house people die if information falls into the wrong hands.

So, like I said, sign the NDA in front of you, or leave.

Everybody signed? Great. Ms. Buyanova will trade each of you your NDA for a SLATE THUNDER packet.

Sweater vest in the third row, fire away.

"Slate Thunder". That's the codename for this sensitive compartment. As for the packet itself, it contains the information I'll be presenting, so feel free to follow along. I don't really care if you read or listen. If you have anything you need to ask, don't keep it to yourself. This information was compiled by Professor Greg Lewis, who is the Foundation's leading expert on the Chaos Insurgency. He's been studying them since before most of us were born, myself included.

So, the Chaos Insurgency. They are one of the Foundation's oldest enemies. What do we know about them?

Yes, they're self-serving and ruthless, though that could also describe the Foundation or most governments, if you think about it. And they are political, there's no doubt about that, but I'm not sure I'd say the Foundation isn't. I mean, back in the - actually, you're not all cleared to know about that. Let's just say that the Foundation plays politics when it has to.

No, they're not just what the highers-up call personnel who go off the reservation. The Foundation does, occasionally, "purge" people, and while you really don't want to become such an unperson, that (generally) doesn't involve the Chaos Insurgency.

"The same things as the Foundation only for profit"? I'm not sure I'd have worded it that way, but I s'pose it fits - sort of, at least.

Correct, many of their operatives are just guns for hire. This makes our job harder, actually, since keeping track of which PMCs, mercs, thugs, guerrillas, and criminals are working for them and which ones aren't straight is no easy chore. The CI - that's "counterintelligence", not "Chaos Insurgency" - guys have a whole analytic task force devoted to just separating the wolves from the dogs.

Suit in the back - give that legal pad to Ms. Buyanova! None of you are allowed to take notes, nor are you allowed to remove your packets from the room. I'm sorry, I thought you all knew better than that. Anyway, the packets are numbered, and we'll be collecting them at the end.

Anyway, red shirt in the second row. No, they're not "terrorists" per se, rather "insurgents", though you can be forgiven for mixing the two terms up - most people do these days. A terrorist uses terror as an end in and of itself: you crash a plane into a building, a lot of people die and even more people get, well, terrorized. Your motivations may vary, but at the end of the day, the act itself is the end. An insurgent, on the other hand, uses many tools and tactics, including terrorism, in order to elicit a response: you crash a plane into a building and a lot of people die, but then the government cracks down to try and stamp you out, which always - always! - results in innocent people getting caught up by the authorities' net, which upsets the populace, which does more damage to the government and society than your plane crash ever could. Nine-Eleven was an act of terror, but the strategy was almost certainly one of insurgency, rather than terrorism. Anyway, I digress.

Most of you have no idea what really happened when the Chaos Insurgency first formed. No, I am serious. If you look at the first inside page of your packet, you'll see the Official Party Line: small group of agents goes absent without leave in '24 with several useful SCPs. That's the Official Party Line, that's what you've always been told up until now, and that is what you will continue to tell people who aren't cleared into SLATE THUNDER. Period, end of sentence, or else we toss you in a dark hole for a very long time - a dark hole which is, if you're lucky, empty. If not…

Anyway, the Official Party Line is on par with saying the major political powers had strong words with each other during the Forties, or that Hurricane Andrew was a light drizzle. Unless someone has violated security protocol big time (in which case, tell me who so I can personally toss them in a dark hole for a very long time), you'll have never heard of the Triad before.

Blank looks. Excellent.

The Triad was what the Chaos Insurgency was back before it was an insurgency. You see, between 1924 and 1926, the Foundation had a civil war.

Yes, miss, you heard correctly, the Foundation Civil War.

Of course there was a cover up. This organization protects people by keeping dangerous secrets from traumatizing people. Don't tell me you thought we didn't do that internally.

In the Foundation Civil War, we had the Loyalists on one side, the Triad on the other. Eventually, the Triad lost, and the handful of survivors formed what would become the Chaos Insurgency. We came up with that term, "Chaos Insurgency", by the way. They co-opted it; they're good at co-opting things.

Anyway, if you'll turn to the next page in your packet…


Information Sensible et Confidentielle : ARDOISE DU TONNERRE

Ce document contient des informations touchant à la sécurité de la Fondation vis-à-vis de l'article 183 de son Protocole Général de Sécurité 02. The protocol prohibits its transmission or the revelation of its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person, as well as its use in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the Foundation or for the benefit of any unauthorized entity or the detriment of the Foundation. It is to be seen only by personnel possessing Level Five clearance and/or especially indoctrinated and authorized in writing to receive information in the designated control channels. Its security must be maintained in accordance with regulations pertaining to SLATE THUNDER Controls.

Unauthorized viewing, possession, replication, and/or dissemination of this document is grounds for punitive actions detailed in Foundation General Security Protocol 18, Section 2381.

Alright, so, that brings us up to 1933. As you can see from the summary at the bottom, most of the more modern activities of the Chaos Insurgency are classified in other sensitive compartments. Since I know for a fact many of you are here for different reasons, we're not going to cover any of the more recent goings-on right now.

Any questions?

Alright. Ms. Buyanova and I will now collect your briefing packets. Be sure to remember to toe the Official Party Line with anyone not read into SLATE THUNDER, or you'll be spending a very long time in a not-necessarily-empty dark hole.

We still have leftover bagels, help yourself on the way out.

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