Le Foutoir du Dr. Topy

SCP-096 a brisé son confinement
Procédure de récupération en cours…

Topy ! Rangez moi un peu ce bord** !

- Directeur Garett

Object # : SCP-042-FR

Threat level : Green

Class : Safe

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-042-FR doesn't need to be contained. Undercover agents disguised as tourists of multiple nationalities must inspect SCP-042-FR on a daily basis, and report any changes. █████-███ tourist agency has been bought by the Foundation to keep a close watch on SCP-042-FR visiting figures.

Description : SCP-042-FR (commonly known as Stonehenge) is a set of megalithic structures, erected in concentric circles, which are dated between -2800 and -1100. SCP-042-FR is located in the Wiltshire county in the United Kingdom.

An important energetic flow has been discovered around the structure. It seems that it absorbs heat and static electricity and redirect them into the ground. The goal of such an exchange is unknown, and no effect has been discovered.

This object has been classified as an SCP to observe and analyse those flows, and is under Dr. Nacra's responsibility.

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